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    Pleistocene Dad


     Yo Bam Bam Im home! Everyone loves "Pleistocene Dad"! 

      This super fun super comfy FAUX FUR cave-man costume is super flattering as it drapes on the body perfectly and has exciting "nude illusion" side panels to give the effect of it just BARELY clinging on almost magically! It even comes with the super sparkly sequin tie! You supply the bone, however others will offer! The look pairs perfectly with our Glam-Bam costume for a matching look!

     The suit comes in two sizes Small/Medium and Medium/Large, if youre up to 32" waist  or up to 5'9 get the Small/Medium. If youre anything above 33" or 5'10", Medium large works. This wears almost like a toga and is open underneath so there is no uncomfortable binding, you can of course pair this with underwear if you prefer. 

    *Chocolate nude mesh available upon request.

    Proudly made by happy troglodytes in Manhattan. A portion of all sales benefit charities like Rainbow Railroad, and the Ali Forney Center, and the Dian Fossey Gorilla fund!


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