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    Lick it up! These are the perfect "short shorts". They make youre bulge look awesome and your butt look beyond bublicious! Theyre kinda MEGA SLUTTY, but for the person who is gonna wear these "mega slutty" is a badge of honor. Get into these and make peoples heads explode!

     They are made of a super popular mega stretch denim and have a double zip front pouch and a butt zipper and are available in four sizes.

    Small 27 - 29" (68.6cm-73.7cm)
    Medium 30 - 32" (76.2cm- 81.3cm)
    Large 33 - 34" (83.8cm- 86.4cm)
    X-Large 34 - 36" (86.4cm- 91.4cm)

    Like all Slick It Up products these shorts are proudly made in New York City with a portion of sales going to the Ali Forney Center housing homeless youth in New York City.

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