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    Limited Edition Red Devil Latex Mask (available for pre-order appx priority shipping date 10/22)

    Stunningly seamless red latex impressively sculpted into this Red Devil design is basically the FERRARI of fetish! You can't take your eyes off it and everyone wants a ride! This hood is made from the highest quality lowest allergen latex available in the world. It comfortably molds to the shape of your head and zips in the back for a flawless appearance.

     The hood comes in one size. I am 6' 3" and 220 and comfortably wear the hood but If you are over 235 this hood may be too tight for you. Anyone small will have no problem wearing the hood, it will not be too big. We recommend using Pjur brand silicone lube to keep the hoods shiny- (this isn't us trying to push it on you it really just is the best one.) If your ordering online get the tiniest bottle as it goes a long way. Sadly we don't sell it. The hoods break in with wear and become much more comfy after putting it on a couple times so we suggest wearing it for a few minutes a couple times before wearing it for an extended period. We comfortably wear them for long periods and think they're the most comfortable full latex hoods out there.

     Remember due to the holiday and latex nature of the hoods these are final sale and cannot be exchanged.

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