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    Real Leather Thong


     This is the perfect Leather Thong. It looks super hot and the fit is great! I wear mine to every leather event I can as I get so many compliments! 

     The leather quality is superb and the cut is a design you wont find anywhere but Slick It Up. The leather is cut at an angle so when it attaches to the comfy elastic band it just looks masculine and classic. The elastic is super high quality and really is a perfect fit because it can stretch quite a bit! The Butchers Vest and Cop Gloves featured are also available! We included one picture of the quilted thong so you could see the side detail as we missed shooting it on this thong. This thong is NOT quilted but the Quilted Thong is also available. 

     They come in four sizes Small, Medium, Large, X-Large and that Xl can stretch quite a bit and could fit an XXL easily. If youre wondering about size I would go with your underwear size and if youre still not sure err on the smaller of two sizes because with the elastic it can stretch quite a bit! A rough guide could be Small  - 30"  to 33" (71-77.7cm), Medium 32" - 35" (78cm- 89cm), Large 34" - 37" (87cm- 95cm). X-Large 37" to 40" (95cm-100cm)

     All our orders ship for a low flat rate so be sure to take advantage of that offer as the shipping does not go up the more you order! 



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