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    Pink Camo Sling


     This Slingshot Thong is absolutely going to get you to win the hot body contest! 

     The material is a hot pink four way stretch with a mirror finish camouflage print on it! You won't find this anywhere else! 

     Its made of our super comfy four way stretch spandex and only needs to be in two sizes Small/Medium or Medium/Large. If you are over 5' 10" we suggest the Medium Large.

     Proudly made in New York City by people who know the importance of a Sling Thong!!! A Portion of ALL sales at Slick It Up benefit charities like the Ali Forney Center housing homeless youth or Trans Lifeline. 

     Ps If you buy this you immediately go into our "favorite customers" pile, which gets you nothing, but our love!


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