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    Titan Suit


    The all new Titan Suit is designed to be one of our most flattering suits. The top of the chest is covered which makes the pecs look bigger by only showing the meatiest part of the chest, the torso is tapered with solid material cutting in at the waist to make it appear smaller, and the chest, thighs, and butt have a micro mesh material to give volume to the muscles so they appear larger. Like all product at Slick It Up the material is a very comfy, sexy, and stretchy spandex which feels incredible. The suit has two zippers, one at the chest and one from the crotch to the top of the butt! Wearing this suit feels as incredible as it looks!

    Available in three sizes. Its determined more on height then weight. Size small starts about 5 5" (165cm), and large comfortably goes to about 6 3" (190cm) but can go larger especially if worn with gloves and boots.

    Like all Slick It Up products this suit is proudly made in Manhattan by well paid talented people. A portion of all Slick It Up sales benefits the Ali Forney Center housing homeless youth in New York City.

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