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    Gotham Suit


    Sex is better in the Gotham Suit! We think this suit just has some kind of super villain/hero edge to it that we really get turned on by.

     This four way stretch spandex suit fully features all your best parts while covering the rest in super comfortable stretchy spandex. We couldnt show the open front for obvious reasons but the front is exposed with a cut out so you hang free and the butt is cut out with a hole that is not too big or too small and really makes the best of your backside. It allows for access to everything you want to use while still offering flattering coverage to the rest making sex just a little more fun.

     Pairing it with our Perfect Jock or Leather Look Thong makes for an incredible look that can be worn to fetish events and such.

     Due to the incredible stretch quality of the material it only needs to be made in two sizes, Small/Medium and Medium/Large. If you are unsure of which size you are its probably best to choose the Small/Medium size as its better to have it be smaller and stretch then to have it be too big and be loose.

     Like all Slick It Up products this suit is proudly made in New York City with a portion of sales benefitting charity. 

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