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    Assassin Suit

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    We put the ASS in ASSASSIN with this incredibly flattering spandex and sheer mesh bodysuit! The contours of the suit hug your body perfectly while the use of solid and sheer both cover and feature your assets in the best possible way. The suit feels so good on and is so lightweight it can be worn for extended periods both day and night with extreme comfort and ease. The suit features a crotch to ass zipper and is very strong but extremely lightweight, it takes about as much space as a t shirt in your luggage.
    Sizing is more oriented by height, people 6' (183cm) and above we suggest the large. 5' 8" (172.7cm) and below or those who are very light weight we suggest the small. Anyone in between this we suggest the medium size. Like all Slick It Up products this suit is hand made and designed in Manhattan by hard working, happy people.

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