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    Bold, strong, masculine lines define this all high quality banded harness.

     The fit is super flattering emphasizing the lower pec which is the largest part of your pec, so by emphasizing that your pecs looks their biggest.

     The harness is our original design and very comfortable and not binding. There are knock offs of this specific harness out there made in China from very cheap, scratchy, elastic used for the waist band of sweat pants and such AND THEY LOOK IT. Nothing compares to our quality banding! We bought one to see the comparison and they even smell like petroleum?!

      Due to the incredible stretch of the elastic the item is available in two sizes small/medium and medium/large.

     Like all Slick It Up product this harness is proudly made in New York City with a portion of all sales benefitting charities like the the Ali Forney Center and Trans Lifeline. 

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