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    Wrestlesex Singlet

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    Having a good time in our Wrestlesex Singlet is not a hard task! The spandex material feels so sexy and the way it hugs your body makes you look your best. The cut of the singlet comes in right at most peoples "trouble spot" so the waist is covered but the butt and chest are exposed in a way to make them look as large as possible, and the front is cut out completely so you have access to everything! This is really the perfect singlet because you can pair it with a jock or thong, and/or gauntlets and a hood and wear it to a club or party or go completely commando and see what kind of trouble you can get into!

     We paired the Wrestlesex Singlet with our Gauntlets, and our Perfect Jock, and Classic Spandex Sexecutioner Hood. These are all available separately in the Auxilliary Gear and Undergear sections.

     Like all of our gear the Wrestlesex Singlet is made in New York City. The material is classic black spandex with a lot of stretch to it. Available in three sizes small, medium, and large. Because there are no sleeves or pant legs on the singlet sizing is a little more defined by weight then height. If your not so tall but weight more Id go with a medium. Large is more for people 6' and over unless you happen to be a really large 5' 10" or something. Small is good for guys under 5' 8" or very thin guys. Medium is a general size and will fit most really well.

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