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    White Harness


    The White Harness is a modern athletic design made from soft comfortable banding that is very unique, it is not just white elastic straps. You see the three thinner white stripes are not actually separate from one another but actually one thick band with clear banding in between so your sure to have them spaced evenly so they always look even and correct.

     The harness flatters your shoulders and pectorals and can be worn for hours as its so comfortable you won't even notice its there. The clear parts are actually very thin clear elastic threads which allows your skin to breathe so you don't get sweaty or anything from it.

     Due to the incredible stretch of the banding the harness only needs to be offered in two sizes Small/Medium and Medium/Large.

     Like all Slick It Up products this harness is proudly made in New York City with a portion of all sales benefitting charities like the Ali Forney Center and Project Okra. 

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