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    Vader Tights

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    These super flattering, semi sheer, super stretch, tights are sexy as hell and a real pleasure to wear! The material is a very strong but comfortable 4 way stretch spandex with horizon solid stripes with shows a lot but not too much. You can pair this with full back underwear, or a thong, or jock, or wear nothing at all?!

    These tights have a lot of stretch so they only need to be made in two sizes, sizing is more height determined than weight. If you are BELOW 5' 7" you will need to wear these with a boot or high top because you will need to roll up the cuff. If youre tall you could really wear either size depending on weight, if youre not tall then get the small/medium size. If youre average height just choose the size depending on if your weight is below average for your height (small/medium) or heavier than average (medium/large).

    Like all Slick It Up clothing these tights are proudly hand made in New York City with a portion of sales benefitting the Ali Forney Center housing homeless youth in New York City.

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