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    Super Space Shield Solid Mirror


     These amazing new FULL MIRROR iridescent Space Shields are BEYOND STUNNING! All of them except the SOLID SILVER, which is a pure silver mirror finish, have a multi color iridescent finish that is very high end and highly fantastic! Miraculously they do NOT fog up! 

     They really are incredible and offer total anonymity as you cannot see through them at all. They come in five amazing color options. The iridescence makes in slightly confusing as to which color is which but what we did is named them based on the color in the center of the mask though all except the silver are multi-color. They come in Pastel, Green, Purple, Fire, Blue, and Solid Silver. 

     Remember with all Slick It Up purchases they are shipped with a single low flat rate no matter how much you buy so no matter how much you purchase the shipping never increases and a percentage of all sales go to various charities such as the Ali Forney Center housing homeless youth in New York City. 

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