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    Strongman Singlet


     This is the exact same singlet as our Glam Bam Singlet we just wanted to show you some costume options for it as everyone doesn't think "Oh actually that'd make great OTHER look." 

     This super comfy and super flattering singlet is made of four way stretch spandex so it insures a perfect fit! The turquoise and pink pattern is splashy and fun! You could really wear this anytime if you wanted! This singlet pairs perfectly with our Wrestler look or Pleistocene Dad costume!

      Because its four way stretch it only needs to be made in two sizes Small/Medium and Medium/Large. If youre 5 9" or under get the Small/Medium. If youre above that you may want the Medium/Large! The weight and chain is not included. I mean do you really wanna carry a 35lb weight all night???

     This Singlet is proudly made in New York City by happy velociraptors and a portion of all sales benefit charities!

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