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    Over-Grown Orangutank (Blacklight Sensitive)

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    Whats a matter Pedro are you going through it? Are you going through a PSYCHOLOGICAL CHANGE in your LIFE?! OH you went back to being a man?! Well you just cant take it! You look like an OVER-GROWN ORANGUTAN!? - If you dont know what thats from you need to beaten with a rattan cane and then forced to sit down and take in some SEMINAL GAY AFRICAN AMERICAN CULTURE and watch Paris is Burning. I promise you will be a better person for it and if you have already.. well... HOORAY FOR YOU.

    This tank is SUPER COMFY and traditionally screen printed on a neon orange cotton tank that is of the high and most comfortable quality. It is NOT made of cheapo dry cotton that gets all CRAPPY when you dry it.

    Were not sure if youre aware but a percentage of every single sale at Slick It Up goes to the Ali Forney Center, sheltering homeless gay youth in New York City, and has for YEARS!

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