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    Master of the Dark Suit

    Our Master of the Dark Suit is a very sexy option for your Halloween look this year. Its design is fairly open so you have lots of opportunity for the direction you can go with it. You could wear fangs and be a vampire, add spidery elements for a Prince of Arachnids effect, add horns a be a demon, even wear it with a tuxedo if you like. You have lots of options here! The suit is very comfortable with a black mesh back so it doesnt get hot at all.

    This suit pairs excellently with our BeelzeBabe Suit for a hot couples look! It even looks fantastic paired with any of our Latex Devil Masks!

    This suit stretches a lot so it only needs to be made in two sizes Small/Medium and Medium/Large. Medium/Large will fit someone up to about 6 3" in height and 220 pounds in weight. Small/Medium size will fit someone from 5' 6" to someone 5' 10" and about 150 pounds to 180 pounds.


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