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    Magenta Mesh Snake Print Stretch Zipper Pocket Shorts


     These shorts are just the best combo of colors! The print is very appealing and a fresh take on snake print as its almost done like a graphic print. They're really fun to wear! 

     The material is a stretch mesh so you can barely see through them. Look at the butt pic here and you can see how much your swimsuit or underwear would show through! The material is very strong but very stretchy so the fit is extremely comfortable! The zipper pockets are a huge feature as they assure you dont lose your phone or wallet or keys etc. The Neon Orange Hat and Roman Rope Chain are also available in the Auxiliary Gear Section of the site. 

      Because of the high stretch of the net these shorts are only made in two sizes. If youre a 34" (86cm) waist or have a really ample butt we suggest the M/L size and anyone else can wear the S/M comfortably. Im 6 3" and 234 pounds and wear the M/L without issue due to the stretch factor. 

     Like all Slick It Up made products these shorts are proudly made in NewYork City with a percentage of sales going to customer choose categories like Rainbow Railroad, the Ali Forney Center, or the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund. 


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