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    Fiero Suit


    Fiero in Italian means PROUD. It was also the name of a trashy sports car designed in the 80s by Pontiac. Often red with black accents it was famously dangerous, sexy, and CHEAP.... WHAT AN INSPIRATION!

    Our Fiero Suit channels that energy and wraps it around your body making you look your hottest! The material is an extremely comfortable four way stretch red spandex that you won't want to take off. The material has a lot of give so it only needs to be offered in two sizes, Small/Medium and Medium/Large. If you're over 5' 10" or 170lbs then you may want the Medium/Large size depending on your other measurements. The material has a lot of stretch to it so if you're on the fence PERHAPS you should order the smaller size as its better to be too tight than too big with spandex. The Leather Look Gauntlets paired with it are not included but available in the Auxiliary Gear Section.

    Like all Slick It Up products this suit is proudly made in New York City.

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