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    Electric Indigo Thong Swimsuit


    This Thong Swimsuit is sooo cool. Its blue hologram printed on purple spandex for a VERY cool Electric Indigo effect! Its a super STUNNER!

    The swimsuit comes fully lined and with our gold plated logo on the back but if you prefer it without the logo you can very easily cut it off as its just two stitches.

    The suit features a contour single seam front for a flattering fit. This swimsuit comes in FOUR sizes Small 27" - 30" (68.6cm-75.7cm), Medium 31" - 33" (77.2cm- 83.3cm), Large 33" - 34.5" (83cm- 85cm) and X-Large 34.5" to 36" (85cm- 88cm). Due to the nature of the hologram finish we suggest slight caution in wearing this in highly chlorinated pools as it can wear away the finish slightly. We of course dont know how strong a pool is chlorinated but even if it were to wear off the thong its still very cool looking in the royal purple.

    Like all Slick It Up products this swimsuit is proudly made in Manhattan by happy, well paid, talented people.

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