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    Acid Giraffe Mesh Shorts / Swimsuit


    This amazing "Acid Giraffe" print is really a joy to wear and you can't find it anywhere else! The scale of the print is huge and doesn't repeat so you are guaranteed a short the looks like no other and is completely your own. The material is a very strong but very comfortable mesh spandex and the print is a very large print, very bright giraffe pattern that almost appears to bleed into other shapes like an oil lamp for an "acid" effect.

    These mesh shorts can be worn as regular shorts or a swimsuit and have zip pockets so you dont loose your wallet and your phone which is a HUGE benefit. The material is EXTREMELY stretchy so they only need to be made in three sizes to fit a full small to XL spectrum. Small fits 28" to 31", Medium is 32" to 35", and Large is 34" to 38" inches. They can very slightly be seen through for a fun effect but its not a very sheer mesh where its super obvious.

    Like all Slick It Up clothing these shorts were proudly made in New York City with a portion of every sale benefitting the Ali Forney Center for Homeless youth in New York City.

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