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    Pure Hologram Jumpsuit


    Our most stunning jumpsuit yet! People FREAK OUT over the way this suit reflects light so brilliantly! Its a PURE HOLOGRAM Jumpsuit and nobody has it but us. Its not just some hologram spandex or something. These are almost like armor plated pieces that produce a rainbow brilliance like no other material out there.

    The material is very comfortable and its short sleeved for comfort. It has shoulder pads in it for a POP of intimidation but if you dont like them you can easily cut them out! The suit also has two deep pockets!

    The Pure Hologram Jumpsuit is available in three sizes Small 28" to 30" ( 70cm to 80cm), Medium 30" to 32" (75cm to 85cm), Large 32" to 34" (80cm to 90cm). Like all Slick It Up clothing this romper is proudly hand made in New York City with a portion of the proceeds benefitting the Ali Forney Center housing homeless youth.

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