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    Paradisco Sunglasses

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    A studded aviator?! PERFECT! Who doesn't like the idea of an aviator in studs?! These rimless aviator sunglasses with perfectly placed gold studs evoke the sensuality of euro disco and combine it with the sexuality of 70s leather bar fantasies, they're basically everything we need right now! 

     They're very high quality gold frame and come at a cost where if you lose them.. WHO CARES?! You can buy ten pair for the cost of one high end pair which you know youll lose anyways so have fun and get these and LIVE FREE OF WORRY! They come in a dreamy array of moods Blue on top and Pink on the bottom, Pink Gold and Blue, Pink on Top Blue on Bottom, Purple and Red, and SWEDEN. 

     They ship from New York City, not China like most sunglass sites, and come with a black cloth satchel. Remember with Slick It Up we ship globally at a LOW FLAT RATE meaning no matter how much you buy the shipping never changes and that goes for all items, clothing or accessories, so the more you buy the shipping stays the same low flat rate! Slick It Up is a Manhattan based company and we manufacture all of our clothing in our factory in Manhattan. A portion of all sales goes to benefit charities like the Ali Forney Center of New York housing homeless youth. The sunglasses are made overseas but then shipped in bulk to our office in NYC and we ship directly from New York so you aren't waiting forever for our shipment like you would ordering from a site from China. We ship U.S priority mail. 

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