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    Limited Edition Fantasy Shorts


     So we struck a deal with gang of Mermen and traded them a wagon full of thongs for this amazing stroke and change sequin material!?! The sequins are so densely pack its almost like fur! These shorts are a basketball short length which counter acts the sequin effect and if the people don't fall over when they see the shorts they will DIE when you stroke them and they go from purple to turquoise. These shorts are POWERFUL MAGIC and not for shy types as you WILL be noticed and most likely made KING of any village you happen upon!

     What are merman going to do with THONGS anyways??? We didn't ask as we assumed they have captured sailors as go-go sex slaves and thats quite hot so we weren't about to say anything. Call HRC if you have a problem?! Who DOESNT wanna be an thong bearing go-go sex slave?!

     These shorts are stretchy and comfortable and run big so pick the smaller size if you're undecided unless you like a baggy look. Available in two sizes: Small /Medium (28" / 71 cm) to (32" /81cm), and Medium/Large (33" / 83.8cm) to (36" / 91.4 cm)



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